Financial Tools for the Widowed Community

Financial Challenges Facing a Bereaved Spouse or Partner (1591)

This FREE eBook is an assembly of real-life stories of bereaved spouses facing various financial challenges including pressure from family members, failure to take care of critical issues during the first year, and not doing the proper level of financial, legal, and tax planning, all resulting in a loss of or reduction in financial security.

Flyer for the Financial Challenges eBook and First Year Checklist (1067)

This flyer describes the eBook, “Financial Challenges Facing a Bereaved Spouse or Partner” and also includes an important checklist on the back which challenges the common wisdom of “Don’t make any changes for a year.” Highlighting potential financial, tax, and legal issues that may need addressed during the first year, this checklist and the eBook are very valuable resources. The checklist on this flyer is a great tool to give to your bereaved clients.