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A Test Post

by | Aug 14, 2017 | Investments & Assets | 0 comments

THIS IS A BLOG POST TEST.  This technical blog is posted on Fridays. The technical posts of this Blog will address the many financial, tax and legal issues facing a surviving spouse or partner. Not only is the immediate triage-like transition after a spouse’s or partner’s death a concern but long-term financial security is on the minds of many. If you, as the surviving spouse or partner, were not the “financial person” in the relationship, this new responsibility can be overwhelming. So the real goal of this blog is to provide as much knowledge, know-how and wisdom as possible as it relates to protecting and managing your wealth over your lifetime.



In addition to this technical post every Friday, don’t miss the Weekly Wealth Reminder™, published Mondays to help you proactively manage and protect your wealth during times when grief manifests as forgetfulness, lack of focus or a sense of being overwhelmed.

Important Note: This post provides general educational information and is not specific advice for your situation. Your situation may differ.  For additional information please visit the Terms and Conditions page for disclaimer, privacy policy, permissions & reprints and comment policy. The Blog FAQs provide some good information as well.

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