Start Your Own Grief Support Group

Starter Kit

WCESS has assembled a FREE Starter Kit for anyone wanting to start their own Widowed-to-Widowed Grief Support Group. The Starter Kit includes:

  • Facilitator's Guide – This 40-page Guide provides step by step instructions on how to start a group including where to find meeting space, how to advertise, meeting agenda, ground rules for the group, a list of potential topics for discussion, and much, much more.
  • Sign-in Sheet.
  • Buddy Call List.
  • Flyer example – used to post in public areas or email to anyone.
  • Mission Statement.
  • By-laws – used to establish your nonprofit entity if so desired.
  • Handouts for new members – this handout includes a number of articles dealing with grief, assessing grief, secondary losses, and more.
  • Agenda example – at our Tempe group the facilitator always prepares an agenda for each meeting.

To obtain your FREE Starter Kit we ask for your full name and email so we can email you a link to download the Guide. This also allows us to track who downloads the Guide and provide you with notices of Guide updates and other important news.

NOTE #1: Please don't enter a bogus email address. The link will never get emailed to you and you won't be able to download the Starter Kit.

NOTE #2: Sometimes the link we email you does not work with certain internet browsers or email systems. If the link to download the Starter Kit does not work for you, please email us using the Contact Us page and we will email you the Starter Kit directly.

After downloading the Starter Kit/Facilitator's Guide, you may want to download the following five documents below that can be customized for your particular group, such as the Buddy Call List or the Flyer. The Full Starter Kit and Facilitator's Guide contains samples of these same five documents but you cannot edit any of the pages in the Guide, so you may still need these five documents. Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint 2007 were used to create these five documents. If you have an older version of Microsoft PowerPoint you can download a 2007 Viewer (or newer version) from Microsoft's site which allows you to view 2007 versions with other versions of Office.

NOTE: Some versions of Internet Explorer may download these five files incorrectly as .ZIP files. We highly recommend you use an Internet Browser such as Firefox or Safari which download these files perfectly.

For those who only use Internet Explorer, we have Zipped these same five files listed above into one Zipped file below:

Zipped file containing all 5 documents above (1238 downloads)

If you want more information on our local grief support groups, please use our Contact Us page.

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