Financial Planning Tools for the Recently Widowed

Valuable Checklists, Flowcharts, Reminders and Worksheets Starting with Day One

Document Organization Checklist

A valuable tool to help you gather all of your important documents needed to work through this transition

Financial Advisor Evaluation & Selection Tool (with Dear Financial Advisor Letter)

Learn how to evaluate and select a professional, planning-oriented financial advisor

The First 3 Days Checklist

(This is Part One of the New Widow’s Complete Checklist below) A step-by-step process of people to call, documents to collect and arrangements to be made during the first 72 hours after the death of a spouse

Living Expenses Worksheets

A valuable worksheet and spreadsheet to help you document living expenses for budgeting and planning

New Widow's Complete Checklist

Starting with the very first day of losing your spouse or partner, this comprehensive step-by-step checklist covers vital financial, tax and legal issues during your first year, and beyond…

Password Tracker

Track your and your spouse’s User IDs, Passwords, PINs, and Security Questions for online accounts, computers, safes, security systems and more

Net Worth Worksheet & Asset Map

Why have a dozen accounts when only three or four are needed! Simplify your financial life through the Net Worth Worksheet and Asset Map! 

Secondary Losses Checklist

A valuable checklist to help you understand all of the potential secondary losses that may occur after losing your spouse or partner

Wealth Reminders™

Reminders to help you manage important tax, legal, financial, vehicle and home-related tasks during overwhelming times



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Financial Tools for the Recently Widowed