New Widow's Complete Checklist

Financial Planning, Tax and Legal Tasks During Your First Year as a Surviving Spouse

Trying to work through the numerous financial planning, tax and legal issues after losing a spouse can be daunting. Where does one start? From Day One through the end of your First Year, we have you covered. The New Widow’s Complete Checklist provides an organized and comprehensive list of tasks to assist you.

The New Widow’s Complete Checklist is broken into two parts: Part One, The First 3 Days, and Part Two, Day 4 and Beyond. Breaking the checklist into two parts was done purposefully to prevent overwhelming the surviving spouse with tasks and issues that can and should wait (those tasks and issues that can and should wait are found in Part Two). Too many people, usually with good intentions, direct the surviving spouse to sign up for Social Security immediately, claim life insurance benefits right away or start filling out paperwork to transfer accounts now. These are not issues needing immediate attention. In fact, quick decisions during overwhelming times and without the proper analysis may end up costing the surviving spouse her financial security.

The New Widow’s Complete Checklist ties together all of the other tools on this site such as checklists, flowcharts, reminders and worksheets.

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Important: The information within the New Widow’s Complete Checklist provides general educational information and is not specific advice for your situation. Your situation may differ.  For additional information please visit the Terms of Use page for disclaimer, privacy policy, permissions & reprints and comment policy as they relate to the blog posts, tools and other information and documents available on this website. The FAQs page also contains some good information related to documents on this site.

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