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The Weekly Wealth Reminder™ is published every Monday to help you proactively manage and protect your wealth during times when grief manifests as forgetfulness, lack of focus or a sense of being overwhelmed.

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Vehicle – Check Fluid Levels:
Your vehicle may use up to seven different fluids to keep it operating safely; radiator fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, engine oil, automatic transmission fluid, air conditioning coolant and windshield cleaning fluid. My Honda Accord has an electric power steering pump which contains no fluid. Except for air conditioning coolant, I check fluids monthly to make sure levels are appropriate. Older or high mileage vehicles, and those used in harsh environments, may require more frequent checks. Each fluid has its own requirement for proper level and replacement. Most manufacturers provide a schedule to flush or replace the fluid. Engine oil is listed as a separate reminder in these posts because it is changed (replaced) more often than other fluids.
Vehicle – Tire Air Pressure:
To ensure vehicle safety and improve gas mileage, check your tire pressure periodically or when your car’s tire pressure monitoring system indicates low air pressure. As you approach your vehicle visually inspect your tires for bulges and general condition. Use a good tire pressure gauge. The cheap one- or two-dollar gauges probably aren’t worth it and the gauge at the gas station or convenience store air station may be broken or inaccurate. I might fill my tires at the gas station or convenience store but I use my own gauge.
Vehicle – Air Filter Replacement:
Follow your vehicle’s preventive maintenance schedule for engine air filter replacement. It’s usually every 15,000 to 20,000 miles. If you also have a cabin filter, replace it as well. Depending on your driving habits, your filters may need replaced once a year for average driving or sooner if you drive more miles or in harsh conditions.

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