Financial Tools for the Recently Widowed

Checklists, Financial Blog, Reminders, Starter Kit and more... Explore

Immediate Checklist

A checklist covering the critical issues normally faced by widows and widowers during the first three days after the death of their spouse or partner Learn More

Widowed Community Financial Blog

Weekly posts providing financial knowledge, wisdom and know-how for high net worth widows and widowers Check it Out!

Weekly Wealth Reminders™

To help you manage important tax, legal, financial, vehicle and home-related tasks during overwhelming times Remind me!

Financial Advisor Evaluation & Selection Tool and Dear Financial Advisor Letter

A thorough list of key questions (and preferred answers) to help the widow or widower pick a professional, planning-oriented financial advisor Get the Tool and Letter!

Start Your Own Widowed-to-Widowed Grief Support Group

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